Indieground @ Raindance


It looks like Indieground Films will be well-represented at this year’s Raindance Film Festival in London! Congratulations to the casts and crews for Last Chance Garage and The Pigeon Song.


Last Chance Garage is a short observation documentary filmed near Portland, Oregon. Directed by Indieground’s Alex Cassun (who also produced alongside Marina Tait and Stephen Kurowski for Docuality Media), Last Chance Garage follows reformed bank robber Rick Maylender as he helps troubled teens by teaching them how to find and restore classic vehicles. It will screen before SHReD: The Story of Asher Bradshaw on Friday the 27th of September at 8 PM. Tickets are £12.


Co-written and co-produced alongside Matt Cameron and John Fairfield for Flyboy Creative in Dundee, Pigeon Song is Alex Cassun’s first truly collaborative effort. It’s an epic track from Dundee-based blues/folk rock collective Anderson McGinty Webster Ward & FisherPigeon Song will be screening on Friday the 27th of September at at 4 PM. Tickets are £8.


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