The Making of “Pigeon Song”

Before moving to London I was in Dundee where I was approached by Flyboy Creative to help create a video for this incredible track by the Scottish blues/folk rock collective Anderson McGinty Webster Ward & Fisher. Producer-Director John Fairfield had come up with the concept and together with myself and co-director/editor Matt Cameron, we spent several weeks hammering out the story and preparing for the shoot. Along with developing the script, my role was a bit of a combination of Production Manager and 1st Assistant Director. Although the budget was tight, our goal was to create a video that captured the epic feel of the song, and I think we did a really nice job thanks to the amazing cast and crew who braved the freezing temperatures and long hours.

We had a lot of footage to knock out in two days, but we’re all incredibly proud of how the video turned out and I don’t think anyone involved was surprised to hear it had been picked to screen at Raindance Film Festival this year alongside videos for Nick Cave and Amanda Palmer. The video above is a fun little behind-the-scenes doc shot and edited by the very talented Jenny Ross.


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