Fright Fest trailers pt 1: the main screen


I’m married to a huge horror fan and over the last couple of years she’s opened my eyes to a number of films that I’d probably have otherwise never gotten around to watching. In fact last year my three favorite movies were all horror films, and I had the pleasure of seeing two of those three — You’re Next and Cheap Thrills — at Fright Fest. (The third, The Strange Color Of Your Body’s Tears, we caught at the Cork IFF.)

Fright Fest was so much fun last year, there was so much energy and excitement in the cinema the entire time I was there, and I can only image with this years’ lineup it’ll be even more so. This will be only my second year attending, but from what I gather, with the exception of at least 3 more goddamn meta-zombie movies, the folks in charge of programming are really good at selecting interesting and unique films to screen.

One thing they’re apparently shit at, though, is linking to trailers through their website. My wife and I spent a good chunk of the evening digging around Youtube for trailers to watch. To save you the trouble, here’s the first batch, all the movies that will be playing on the main stage:

The Guest (dir. Adam Wingard)

Housebound (dir. Gerard Johnstone)

Zombeavers (dir. Jordan Rubin)

Shockwave Darkside (dir. Jay Weisman)

The Green Inferno (dir. Eli Roth)

Late Phases (dir. Adrian Garcia Bogliano)

No trailer.

Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead (dir. Tommy Wirkola)

The Last Showing (dir. Phil Hawkins)

All Cheerleaders Die (dir. Lucky McKee & Chris Sivertson)

Starry Eyes (dirs. Kevin Kolsch + Dennis Widmyer)

The Harvest (dir. John McNaughton)

No trailer.

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For (dirs. Frank Miller + Robert Rodriguez)

The Babadook (dir. Jennifer Kent)

Life After Beth (dir. Jeff Baena)

Among The Living (dirs. Julien Maury + Alexandre Bustillo)

Faults (dir. Riley Stearns)

No trailer.

Open Windows (dir. Nacho Vigalondo)

Home (dir. Nicolas McCarthy)

The Samurai (dir. Till Kleinert)

Stage Fright (dir. Jerome Sable)

X-Moor (dir. Luke Hyams)

No trailer.

Nymph (dir. Milan Todorovic)

Alleluia (dir. Fabrice du Welz)

No trailer.

I Survived A Zombie Holocaust (dir. Guy Pigden)

The Signal (dir. William Eubank)


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