A little late getting this out, but here are a few things that’ve caught our eye in the last couple of weeks:

  • The news that Twin Peaks will be back in 2016 was announced a few weeks ago and met with the appropriate buzz, so I’m sure you’ve already heard but I still want to make a quick comment on it. The original series wrapped up well over 20 years ago but people have never been able to let it go. It is such an influence on modern storytelling that it nearly impossible to find a series that doesn’t owe something to David Lynch and Mark Frost’s creation. (Seriously – True Detective, Wayward Pine, Pretty Little Liars, The Killing, Top of the Lake, and Fortitude, just to name a few!) So it’s great news that the story will continue on 25 years later (just as he’d always planned…) and that David Lynch will be there to helm it. It’s only 9 episodes, but fingers crossed they’ll be as surreal and beguiling and entertaining as before.
  • Speaking of influential figures, here is Steven Benedict’s “Coen Country“, described as a “short video-essay [which] examines various themes present in the work of the Coen brothers”. And it’s awesome, give it a watch.
  • So how does one become an influence? Originality? Longevity? Probably. I’d also put Style near the top of that list. There’s a world of difference between Elephant Man and Inland Empire, but regardless you know you’re watching a David Lynch creation. The same goes with the Coens – on paper, these guys haven’t made two movies which resemble each other but they’re all right at home in the Coen’s catalogue. Style is important, which is why a browse through these 50 style guides might be of some interest to you as you develop your brand and your professional identity.
  • Now for something a bit more practical: How to create a call sheet from the helpful Studio Binder blog.
  • And finally, 9 Great Youtube Channels for Filmmakers brought to you by the guys at Premium Beat.

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