A little behind schedule here, sorry! A few weeks back saw the announcement of FrightFest 2015’s lineup. Along with FrightFest traditions of wonderfully wacky artwork by Graham Humphries, overly convoluted website, and dysfunctional online ticket selling, this year’s themes seem to be:

  • Big Scary Remote Mansions
  • “Hey, it’s that actor from Game of Thrones!”
  • Soundtracks that go “BRUM… BRUUMMM…. BRRRRRRUUUUUUUMMMMMM!!!!!!!”
  • Barbara Crampton
  • “…from the Producers of Insidious and Sinister…”

One bright spot that jumped out to me: not as many zombies as last year.

So all kidding aside, there are a lot of good looking movies in the line-up this year. Here are the trailers:

III (dir. Pavel Khvaleev)

A Christmas Horror Story (dirs. Grant Harvey, Steven Hoban, Brett Sullivan)

No trailer. Starring William Shatner though.

AAAAAAAAH! (dir. Steve Oram)

After Death (dirs. Gez Medinger, Robin Schmidt)

Awaiting (dir. Mark Murphy)

Bait (dir. Dominic Brunt)

No trailer.

Banjo (dir. Liam Regan)

Bite (dir. Chad Archibald)

Bloodsucking Bastards (dir. Brian James O’Connell)

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter (dir. Brian Clemens)

Cherry Tree (dir. David Keating)

Contracted: Phase III (dir. Josh Forbes)

No trailer.

Curtain (dir. Jaron Henrie-McCrea)

Curve (dir.Iain Softley)

No trailer.

Deathgasm (dir. Jason Lei Howden)

The Diabolical (dir. Alistair Legrand)

No trailer.


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