After quite a long break we’re back with a new Indie Round-Up, and, as we’re prone to do in these parts, we’re experimenting with form. So instead of simply offering up a few random interesting articles or videos we’ve seen online, we’re focusing on a few random interesting articles and videos we’ve found online revolving around one subject: Denis Villeneuve’s political Sicario.


There was a lot of hype surrounding Sicario when it was released, but I have to admit I just wasn’t feeling it. It wasn’t a dud by any stretch of the imagination – Emily Blunt gave a beautifully nuanced performance which really took me by surprise and the cast as a whole was enjoyable to watch; in addition, the movie was  gorgeous (the visuals provided by some rookie DP named Roger Deakins…), and the much-talked about border-crossing sequence alone was worth the price of admission.

Those elements made for a good movie, but it didn’t strike any emotional cords with me. Similar to Enemy, Sicario just didn’t affect me in the same way as Villeneuve’s breakout feature Prisoners did. I walked away from the cinema without thinking I needed to really analyze it, but over the last couple of weeks I have seen quite a few things pops up around the internet which have changed my perspective. Fitting, I guess, since Sicario is a movie about shifting perspectives.

So, that said, here is this week’s Round-Up:

THE TURNAROUND POINT: Stumbling onto Karel Segers’ article on Sicario’s “threshold sequence” is really what began to turn me around on the movie and gave me reason to give it more of my attention. Check out his elegant take on the movie’s most talked about scene.

THE WRITING: Great, bad or in between, all movies begin with the script, and you can read the impressive screenwriting debut by actor-turned-screenwriter Taylor Sheridan here.

THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: Actually, lets back up a step: it’s true that movies begin with a script, but all scripts begin with a story. Here is Rolling Stone’s article on the story behind Sicario.

THE COLOR: And finally, Youtuber Digging Deeper does just that in this wonderfully in-depth and thought-provoking analysis of Sicario’s visual language, “The Mirage of a Moral World“.



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