Filmmaking to me is about working with friends and making something that excites you, which is exactly what Matt Cameron, Peter Giblin and I set out to do when we decided to team up for Process.

We’re all writers/producers/directors to some degree, each with strengths that compliment the others. Peter can hammer out draft after draft with mind-bogging speed and focus, I can juggle the heavy logistical load of production and push things forward, and Matt is both technically savvy and a much needed steady, calming presence on set.

Our goal was to shoot a variety of shorts – dark or funny, ambitious or easy, flashy or straight forward – we didn’t care so long as the project excited us. We had scripts – so many scripts! – and access to locations, equipment, actors and crew. We even had a bit of time when all of us were free, not an easy task in a busy town like London. The only thing we didn’t have was a clue as to where to begin.

After bandying around dozens and dozens of scripts and outlines, the one that kept floating to the top was Process. The reason for this was because it was funny but also because it was immediately filmable. Two people in a room having a conversation, what could be easier?

We had lots of stories which excited us a bit more, but the first step was proving we could work together. Peter had never directed before, Matt and I were both too busy being working professionals to have gotten behind the camera in recent years. Process was going to be our icebreaker. Anyway, long story short, my wife’s visa came through quicker than planned and now here I am, back in Los Angeles, sad that Process was the only project we managed to shoot together but happy it turned out so well and that the experience was so thoroughly enjoyable.


So if filmmaking is about being around friends and making something that excites you, this was a success. It was hands down one of the best experiences I’ve had on set, my only regret is that we knocked it out in one day so we didn’t get a chance to come back to work with each other again. The cast and crew were a joy to work with, and our post production crew was both incredible and incredibly patient. Whenever I get back to London, the first round is on me!


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