We are excited to formally announce that we’ll be jumping into the madness that is the 48 Hour Film Project. Although by no means the craziest thing we’ve ever done, this will be our first 48HR FP adventure, and we’re going into it looking to make a splash, so with that said we’re doubly-excited to announce that we’ve team up with Greg Vogt and Blacksheep’d Productions.

So with just about 6 weeks until kick-off, here are the crew positions we’re looking to fill at this time:

  • Screenwriters – we’ll let you know what locations and cast are available to craft your stories around, and we’ll fire off a text as soon as we get the final elements. (Those elements are the genre, a character, a line of dialogue, a prop). At that point, you’ll have a couple hours to whip together and submit your amazing script. We’ll select the one that best fits our perimeters and get to filming. The best part is you don’t have to get dressed for this! You can be in your home anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and the ability to write a compelling 4-7 minute short. If you’d like to be included, please send a short writing sample (10 pages or less) to
  • Production Manager – your responsibilities will include handling money, making sure paperwork is signed, people are fed, phone calls are answered, and everyone knows where they’re supposed to be and when they should be there. Basically overseeing everything behind the scenes. No big deal. It’s a tough job with a lot of responsibilities, but it could be a good stepping stone for a seasoned production coordinator. You’ll be needed for a few meetings and some admin and logistics work leading up to the event as well as to on set on Saturday 15 July. You’ll also need to be familiar with the rules and regs as well as the production documents
  • Sound Recorder / Boom Operator – we are trying to keep our cast and equipment needs to an absolute minimum, and we have a basic sound kit available however if you have access to additional equipment please include that in your email
  • Make-up Artist – without a script it’s hard to tell exact what we’ll need so the ideal person is comfortable with a range of looks and who works quickly
  • Art Department – again, no script means we can only plan so much so we’d love to get someone who is resourceful and quick on their feet who can whip together a set and come up with props on very limited budget and time
  • Production Assistants – we’re looking for someone with a bit of experience to help out around set, but we are happy to take on students or anyone looking to get their foot in the door. Just be warned that these 48 hour projects can be hectic so you’ll have to be quick on your feet and a good, positive attitude goes a long way!

NOTE: these are unpaid positions. Meals and snacks will be provided, pre-arranged travel and other expenses will be covered, and kit fees will be provided as necessary.

Other resources we’re on the hunt for:

  • Cast – please follow this link to add yourself to our casting database, and send us a headshot at
  • Locations – if you have access to an interesting location (ex: bar, warehouse, school), we’d love to hear from you! Please send an email with a brief description (and a few photos if possible) to

Important dates to keep in mind:

  • TBD – we’d love to do a team get-together towards the end of June to introduce everyone and to discuss filming strategy;
  • Friday 14 July, 18:00-19:00 – Kick-off event at The Eddy Theater at Chatham University
  • Saturday 15 July – Filming day!
  • Sunday 16 July, 19:30 – Final drop-off deadline
  • Friday 21 July – Premiere screening at The Oaks Theater

If you’re interested in participating or you have additional questions, please get in touch ASAP. We look forward to hearing from you!


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