A while back I’d written about Process, a short office comedy I’d developed and shot with Matt Cameron and Peter Giblin before leaving London for Los Angeles. Immediately after wrapping up production, we set out to make Benefits, a short dystopian comedy.

Benefits poster

The concept was pitched to us by Matt, and together we developed it over a few weeks and several pints of lager before Peter ran off to do a first draft. He and I traded drafts until the story got to the point that we were all happy with it.

We began casting, I designed and began construction on the booth set, we’d brought Edward Lomas on to be our DOP, and then, with only a few weeks until principle production, my wife’s visa came through and it became a mad dash to get packed up and shipped out ASAP, and Benefits fell by the wayside.

Skip forward about a year, and now I’m settling into Pittsburgh and looking for short projects to shoot. I did a quick rewrite (read it here) but before getting a chance to move it from development into production, Edward emailed and asked if we’d mind if he submit a truncated version of the script to Channel 4’s Random Acts “First Acts” series. We all agreed, it was accepted, received funding, and was produced by Fly Film.

Benefits is the first project of mine I’ve had a chance to see someone else run with it and I love how it turned out, and I’m pleased to announce it’ll be screening as part of the inaugural Carnegie Screenwriters Script & Screen Festival here in Pittsburgh. The festival takes place August 26 and 27, so if you’re in the area, come check it out.


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