A couple weeks back I was asked by Carnegie Screenwriters to helm their submission for this year’s 48 Hour Horror Film Project. Big shoes to fill as they’ve won several awards in previous years.

Last weekend, we got together to write, shoot, and edit a short horror film. Our genre was Home Invasion. We had several writers submit scripts, and selected “Thunder Domestic” by Eben Parker. On the surface it was a simple story – a family is tormented by masked invaders – but what drew me to it were the overlapping layers of perspective – the film, the film within the film, and some stalker footage and live streaming to keep things interesting. It was going to be fun to try and make sense of it all with a 7-minute time limit.


Last Saturday’s shoot day was crazy in a mostly good way, and with a crew of top-notch professionals we kept our cool and plowed through a fairly intense shot list. We had an amazing location but ended up shooting primarily in a claustrophobic, dimly lit basement.

We wrapped at 1:15 AM. Our editor stayed up all night cutting together a rough cut. The following morning we hammered out a polished cut along with the color grade, VFX, credits, and sound design. Although we had a few technical difficulties to work through, we managed to get the film dropped off with a whole two minutes to spare.

Last night was the screening at the Oaks Theater. 19 teams submitted films, 18 turned them in on time, and each of them had something interesting about them. It was great to see so much local talent together in one place.


Thunder Domestic ended up walking away with four wins – Brett Goodnack took home a much deserved win for Most Vile Villain, Danielle Volkar walked away with the award for Best Costume Design, and Thunder Domestic took the 2nd runner up prize for Best Film and was voted in as the Audience Choice Award winner!

So all in all, I couldn’t be happier with the turnout. It was a pleasure to work with such a great group of professionals, and congratulations to all the teams for completing the competition and turning in wonderful films.


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