The Buskers And Lou
Wandering 2
Written and directed by Alex Cassun
Produced by Alex Cassun and Erin O’ConnorStarring: Marshall Walker Lee, Tyler Andre, Megan Carver, Margaret Douglas,Robert Thrush, Bill Wilson, Steven Felts, and The Crow + The Wolf.

Runtime: 93 minutes

Synopsis: Lou grew up in bohemian style surrounded by artists and musicians, until suddenly disappearing without a word to his friends. Returning a couple years later wearing a suit and tie, he is determined to create a new life for himself. He wants new opportunities, a new place to live, a car, a credit card – a normal life.

After a rough start he lands a job as a retail stock-taker – exhausting hours and awful pay, but a job’s a job and Lou is thankful for any opportunity to improve his situation. Things are looking up until a chance encounter with old friend Ben puts Lou’s past life on a collision course with his new ambitions.

As work grinds him down, Lou struggles to not fall back in with his old crowd, and as his situation grows desperate, clues to his two year absence are revealed. When he’s invited to The Big Dig – a raucous party to unearth the time capsule they buried 10 years ago – Lou realizes it will be impossible for him to fulfil his future ambitions if he doesn’t first come to terms with his troubled past.

Status: Currently on the festival circuit.


Hurricane Emma

Written and directed by Alex Cassun

Produced by Case Norton and Alex Cassun

Starring Vanessa Long, Ryan Stone, Tara Everhart, Nathan Ballard, Jill Evyn & Jonathan Kreiger

Runtime: 76 minutes

Synopsis: Whisked away in the middle of the night by her father at the age of 13, Emma spent the following decade traveling the country before returning home to Palm Springs after the sudden death of her estranged mother. Nomadic by nature, Emma, now 23, inherits the dilapidated and deserted house she grew up in and is presented with an opportunity to set down roots in her hometown. She tries to reconnect with Luke, her cousin and the owner of a small but growing construction company who has a new home and a wedding on the horizon. Upon her arrival, cracks form in Luke’s tightly regimented routine and Emma’s presence seems to bring out the recklessness in all of his friends, including his fiance Danielle and his best friend and co-worker Tad.

Although Emma initially plans to clean up the house and hit the road, a blossoming friendship with Danielle and Tad makes Emma reconsider her options, but whether Emma and Luke can come to terms and mend their broken relationship is another matter altogether.

Status: Post-production.


Last Chance Garage (documentary)

Directed by Alex Cassun

Produced by Alex Cassun, Stephen Kurowski and Marina Tait.

Runtime: 4 minutes 53 seconds

Synopsis: After spending large chunks of his life in prison, reformed bank robber Rick Maylender helps at-risk youths in his area by teaching them how to find and repair abandoned classic vehicles.


Pigeon Song (music video)

Artist: Anderson McGinty Webster Ward and Fisher

Directed by John Fairfield and Matt Cameron for Flyboy Creative

Written and produced by John Fairfield, Matt Cameron and Alex Cassun

Runtime: 5 minutes 10 seconds


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