Writer: Alex Cassun

Genre: Crime thriller

Page count: 122

Synopsis: Provoked by a young fan, enigmatic memoirist Grady returns home to discover the affluent community still in shock over the decade-old murder of his high school lover. When the flat he left behind becomes a crime scene, Grady must discover what connects these two events as he struggles to stay a step ahead of a dutiful cop, a vengeful killer, and an overzealous journalist.

The Monkeypuzzle

Monkeypuzzle mock 1

Writers: Alex Cassun and Jon Lush

Genre: Action thriller

Page count: 115

Synopsis: American expat Charley has recently started her dream job at a startup product design firm when she accidentally interrupts a blackmail hand-off in a grimy Scottish pub. Finding herself with a bag of cash in one hand and an encrypted USB in the other, she is forced to outrun local thugs, a killer-for-hire, and the head of a multinational in order to save her coworkers and escape the country.



Writer: Alex Cassun

Genre: Travel drama

Page count: 89

Synopsis: Fueled by the apocalyptic raving of an anarchist radio host, a long-tormented trucker on the losing end of a midlife crisis picks up a mysterious hitchhiker on a quest across the desert. The two strike up a conversation and soon begin to question their place in today’s society and the residual effects they have on those they come in contact with.

Martians: A Gory Love Story

m is for martian

Writer: Alex Cassun

Genre: Gore comedy

Page count: 9

Synopsis: Ravers are in for an unexpected surprise when an alien invades their fancy dress party in a remote cabin in the woods.

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